New Generation Continuous production

Rotary press pioneer KIKUSUI presents a new generation of pharmaceutical production system, PTOLEMY.
PTOLEMY is the integrated continuous production system to aim at reducing production time and cost for solid formulation.
It consists of Powder constant feeder (POLARIS), Continuous blender (CRATER ARIES), NIR Blend uniformity checker (SPICA), Rotary tablet press (AQUARIUS series etc) and Built in tablet visual inspection module (AURIGA).
outside view
Powder constant feeder (POLARIS) provides each raw material with definite quantity to the blending process.

Continuous blender (CRATER ARIES) is the combined system with vertical mixer and Horizontal blender to maximize blending performance and minimize production space.

NIR Blend uniformity checker (SPICA) is real time monitoring for blending uniformity.

Rotary tablet press (AQUARIUS series etc) produces the tablets according to the blending yield and condition on upstream process.

Built in tablet visual inspection module (AURIGA) transfers produced tablets with sequential order from tablet discharge portion and performs tablet visual inspection by camera.

PTOLEMY SYSTEM allows us to install continues production process of solid formulation from material weighing, blending, Tableting, Dedusting and inspection processing. It is the newest generation of pharmaceutical production system having none scale-up study required and aiming at reducing production time & cost.