Products introduction

High Speed Medium-sized Tablet Press
The LIBRA 2 has consistently shown an unmatched capacity for compressing difficult products. With its generous 80kN pre-compression capability and wide speed range, the LIBRA has proven applicable to the various demands of the customers around the world.


Model LIBRA 2
No. of Stations 36 45
Type of tooling B B&BB
Max pressure (kN) Pre 80 / Main 80
Max tablet dia (mm) 16 12
Turret speed (rpm) 10-100
Tablets/hr. 21,600-216,000 27,000-270,000
Filling depth (mm) 4-11 or 9-16 4-11 or 9-16
Tablet thickness (mm) 0-5 0-5
Main Motor (kW) 5.5
Dimension (W*D*Hmm) 840x840x1,775 840x840x1,775
Weight (kg) 2,300