Products introduction

High Speed Small-sized Tablet Press
Its compact design takes up the least amount of floor space, yet the VIRGO has the power to perform all the necessary functions required in general tableting runs. With the instrumentation provided by Kikusui, the user can monitor forces for pre and main compression, as well as ejection force.


No. of Stations 6 12 18 24
Type of tooling B B&BB
Max pressure (kN) Pre 30/Main 50
Max tablet dia (mm) 16 12
Turret speed (rpm) 10-70
Tablets/hr. 3,600-25,200 7,200-50,400 10,800-75,600 14,400-100,800
Filling depth (mm) 1-12.5 or 4-16
Tablet thickness (mm) 0-5
Dimension (W*D*Hmm) 750x630x1,610
Weight (kg) 1,100