Products introduction

PM/PK Series


Kikusui Powder Mixers are for blending different kinds of dry powder perfectly within a short time, a Mixing Tub and a Propeller being rotating at different speeds with opposite directions.

Rotation of Tub can be stopped an Internal Gear Clutch, while keeping a Propeller rotating.

For Bearing of a Propeller Shaft, Mechanical Sealing System is applied, making maintenance job very easy as well as protecting the materials from oil comming in a Tub along the bearing part. If balls are used, this unit can be used as a Ball Mill.


Kikusui kneading machine is very useful and powerful for mixing chemicals, pharmaceuticals and foodstuff with liquid or paste materials. In Granulating Mixing, this machine is recommendable in case pharmaceutical or chemical solution is mixed with powdered materials, while in case plain water is mixed with the materials, Kikusui Rotary Wet Mixer is better.

Perfect saturation of solution through material is ensured by Two Kneading Arms rotating at different speeds with no clearance to the Kneading Tank which does not allow any materials to stay unkneaded.


Model PM-W series PM-W series
Type PM-5W PM-50W PM-100W PM-200W
Material Capacity(L) 5 50 100 200
Paddle speed(rpm) 50 35 30
Main Motor (kW) 0.4 1.5 2.2 3.7
Dimension (W*D*Hmm) 750x500x1,170 1,250x720x1,000 1,600x750x1,200 1,830x920x1,300
Weight (kg) 200 700 1,200 1,500