Products introduction

Multi function single stroke tablet press
CRUX033L is Multi function single stroke tablet press for Research & Development purpose.

Not only Single layer tablet, but also bi/tri layer, Tablet in tablet applications as well as optional External lubrication unit equipped in such Simple & Compact design.

CRUX has developed to execute the filling & tableting analysis with small powder/granule.

Also the latest control system includes recipe management, tablet data acquisition.


Model CRUX 033L
Compression Multi Force(Upper & Lower)
Type of tooling B,BB,D
Max pressure (kN) 30
Max tablet dia (mm) 16(12,25)
Tablets/hr. 2-20(Single)/2-7(MULTI LAYER/DC/EL)
Filling depth (mm) 1-18(Single) 1st:1-16 2nd/3rd:1-4(MULTI LAYER/DC)
Tablet thickness (mm) 0-8(UP Penetration Adjustment)
Dimension (W*D*Hmm) 650x650x2,044
Weight (kg) 500
Exterior Stainless Steel