Products introduction

External Lubrication System
ELS is a system designed to spray a measured amount of lubricant onto punch tips and die bores to create a lubricant film on those surfaces, complete with dosing and spraying system including nozzles and vacuum collections. ELS helps to prevent tablet sticking on punches and to reduce die friction, and allows reduction of lubricant inside formulation , preventing problems that are usually associated with the use of internal lubricants ( soft tablets, poor dissolution profile ) .Different version and solution are available depending on level of control required for distributed powder .


Feeding type Narrow groove feeding
Spray Type Air flow
Rotor speed(rpm) 1.0~20.0
Feeding capacity 10~100
Roll size 1.3mm×1.3mm
Minimum spray air(NL/min) 12
Minimum air compression(Mpa) 0.5
Spray Type Continuous spray split type
Number of spray nozzle One each for Upper and Lower punch
Static electricity generator Digital indication