Products introduction


This is a basket type extruder for pharmaceuticals, foods, confectioneries, fertilizers, chemicals, etc., which is matching GMP and simple constructions.

・ Various models available from research and development use to large production, depending upon basket size.

Perfect washable machine matching GMP. Easy dismantle of the product transfer disc, so easy checking & cleaning.

・ High efficiency by feeding paddles and extruding paddles designed with original idea.

Basket has two faces of holes (Upper & lower), so even if one face is damaged, smooth operation can be done by using another face.

Water cleaning is possible by means of original seal design of impellers.


Model RG-C series RG-C series
Type RG-C125 RG-C200 RG-C300 RG-C450
Main Motor (kW) 0.4 1.5 5.5 7.5
Drive type Vari-dia pully Drive
Paddle speed(rpm) 20-60 25-65 24-38 15-24
Paddle shape Feeding paddles 3/ Extruding paddle 4 Feeding paddles 4/ Extruding paddle 6
Basket ID(mm) φ127 φ203 φ300 φ450
Basket punch hole ID(mm) φ0.5-5.0 φ0.5-5.0
Dimension (W*D*Hmm) 450x450x900 600x740x1,170 800x900x1,380 960x1,000x1,610
Weight (kg) 160 560 1,100 1,800