Products introduction

C Series
Rotary Powder Molding Machine
Satisfies with large-scale runs.

Numerous punches have been designed into the C series for the handling of large-scale production runs with one of the largest die table which has 640mm pitch circle diameter.


C series
Model BARPRESS correct
Type 2033SM8CY 0555DT8CY
No. of Stations 33 55
Type of tooling Key Roll
Max pressure (kN) Pre 50/Main 200 Pre 50/Main 50
Max tablet dia (mm) 18 10
Turret speed (rpm) 5-15 7-20
Tablets/hr. 9,900-29,700 46,200-132,000
Filling depth (mm) 0-60 0-10
Tablet thickness (mm) 5-35 0-5
Main Motor (kW) 11 3.7
Dimension (W*D*Hmm) 1,160x1,160x2,190 1,060x1,000x1,600
Weight (kg) 7,000 2,800