Products introduction

High Speed Tablet Press
The AQUARIUS G is the latest press from KIKUSUI designed for pharmaceutical production. Features include, very simple operation and maintenance, easy access, quick turret exchange. All in a very rugged, reliable and compact design that KIKUSUI has always been known for.

It provides turret exchangeability, which has the Turret Arm Swinging System making turret exchange a quick and simple task, as a Standard Feature.


Model & Type AQUARIUS G-J / Regular Mode
No. of Stations 60(Die Plate) 45 36 30
Type of tooling KU12 (KIKUSUI Original) BB B D
Max pressure (kN) Pre 100 / Main 100
Max tablet dia (mm) 11 12 16 25
Turret speed (rpm) 20-120 20-100
Tablets/hr. 72,000-432,000 54,000-324,000 43,200-259,200 36,000-180,000
Filling depth (mm) 1-18
Tablet thickness (mm) 0-8
Dimension (W*D*Hmm) 1,010x1,010x1,836
Weight (kg) 2,800
※Maximum pressure for KU12 is 25kN