At present numerous industries are involved in the production of powdered substances into various solid shapes and forms, for reasons of upgrading quality, production efficiency, and lot. Kikusui is at the core, producing the machines that make it all happen.
Kikusui first began its business as a machine manufacturer for the production of powdered medical substances into tablet form. Its tablet press machines came to be known for their high quality and performance, giving the Kikusui name top ranking in the machine manufacturing industry.
Kikusui's products and reputation have since expanded into fields other than medicine, and at present, Kikusui's machines aid in the production of everything from household goods to the latest electronic parts.
In continuing to move its expertise and technology into new, more challenging fields, and to answer to the needs of its every customer, Kikusui has taken the position of leader in this new mechanical age. This can only be done through employing an innovative staff whose focus is on the future, and vowing to a policy to maintain the highest standard of quality possible.
President Satoshi Shimada