Products introduction

Laboratory scale Hybrid Rotary Tablet Press
The AQUARIUS-LD is a newly designed Multifunctional Hybrid Single-sided Lab Scale Tablet Press capable of producing standard single layer, Bi-layer and Dry Coated tablets all on the same machine. Changeover is enhanced by our unique module concept, which creates a quick and easy exchange from Bi-layer to Dry Coating. Also it is suitably designed for R&D / Lab applications with a small scale Induced Die Feeder and Hopper for less powder usage.


No. of Stations 3 6 9 18
Type of tooling B
Max pressure (kN) 50
Max tablet dia (mm) 16
Turret speed (rpm) 5-15(2L Mode)/5-30(DC Mode)
Tablets/hr. 900-5,400(2L Mode) 900-2,700(DC Mode) 1,800-5,400(2L Mode) 1,800-10,800(DC Mode) 2,700-8,100(2L Mode) 2,700-16,200(DC Mode) 5,400-16,200(2L Mode) 5,400-32,400(DC Mode)
Filling depth 1 (mm) 1-8
Filling depth 2 (mm) 4-15
Tablet thickness (mm) 0-8
Dimension (W*D*Hmm) 690x700x1,610
Weight (kg) 1,400